Posture development Camp 15-17 April 2023 events page

3 Day Posture Development Camp With Dev Kapil and Amrei Marden

Join Dev Kapil and Amrei Marden for a 3 day comprehensive yoga workshop to take your practise to the next level. Please note this workshop is open and suited to all levels as you will learn how to deepen and improve your practise through yoga sports drills wherever you are at.
Everyone who knows Dev and Amrei or has come to one their Posture Development Camps in Canberra, Darlinghurst or Melbourne will agree this is an opportunity not to be missed

Following a 90 min Bikram class, the 3.5 hour workshops will refine and deepen your knowledge and practice of hatha yoga through targeted exercises to build strength and flexibility. Dev (assisted by Amrei ) will guide you with hands on adjustments to help you take your postures to the next level. Be prepared to sweat, laugh and stretch your way to a stronger practice. The workshop will be limited to 30 people, making this an intimate experience.
In the 3 days Dev will guide you through postures of all 6 categories of yoga postures as defined by the AYSF.
Whilst we will not be able to work on every posture ... have a look through this document  to get familiar with the categories and if there is a posture you really want to learn ... let Dev know, as he will show you a way to make it happen !

Saturday 15th April:
7am Bikram Class
11.30am Australian National Yoga Asana Championship
3pm-6.30pm posture development camp

Sunday 16th April:
7am Bikram Class
10am-1.30pm Posture development camp

Monday 17th April:
9.30am Bikram
12-3.30pm Posture Development camp


3 days $400 Early Bird Prepay by March 14th

$500 from March 15th

2 days $350
1 day $175

To secure your place please  Register Now

This workshop is also an opportunity to take part in level 1 and Level 2 certification programs for yoga sports coaches and to become a yoga sports judge.

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Dev Kapil
World Champion (2008-9) Master Yograttan Dev Kapil hails from a line of distinguished Yogis. He began his yogic journey in India at the tender age of 3 years old, under the careful guidance of his Father Shri M.R Pareek, following the legacy passed down by his Grandfather Yogiraj Rishikesh Shastri, a renowned astrologer and Vedic scholar. His spiritual journey was initiated by Guru “Veet raag Tapomurti Brahmrishi Danditt Swami Laksheshwarashramji” who is revered by Shankracharyas throughout India, and Yoga charyani Krishnamurthi, a renowned yoga teacher and Yoga Arjuna Awardee.
Master Dev has studied and taught movement for over two decades of his yogic journey in different parts of Asia, Europe and the USA. He explored many styles in Yoga focusing primarily on Hatha Yoga.
Master Dev holds Diplomas in Naturopathy and a Master degree in Yogic Science. He also has extensive knowledge of Ayuveda and Astrology.
As he enters a new chapter in his life, Master Devʼs focus will be to expound the plentiful benefits of the yogic way of life and guide yogis and yoginis to be steadfast on their yogic path.
Amrei Marden
Amrei Marden, owner of Bikram Yoga Sapphire Coast, international Yoga champion judge and former Australian Yoga Asana Champion, has been practising Bikram Yoga since 2001, and held posture refinement workshops across Europe, America, Asia and Australia since 2009. She is considered an authority in the Bikram Yoga world.
Amrei’s gift is her ability to see and understand students, their bodies’ pain points, and what might be possible in that moment. Amrei’s experience is matched only by her humility and humour, making her class accessible and fun.
Amrei enjoys, and is highly experienced, in working with everyone from the complete beginner to world champions.