The Yoga Sports Association Australia Inc is a not for profit organisation. Governed by a board of elected members consisting of

President:- Amrei Marden

Secretary:- Yvonne Salarimatin

Treasurer:- Wendy Palmer

Committee Members:- Clint Gagliardi & Julia Nilsson

The YSAA believes that the practice of yoga and Yoga Asana is beneficial for the physical and mental health of all practitioners – children, teens, adults and seniors. Increased awareness of the sport of Yoga Asana will encourage existing practitioners to sharpen their skills through training, dedication, and devotion to the sport, and will inspire new practitioners to begin a practice which leads to a healthier and happier life.

It aims to support its athletes with funding to be able to attend competition internationally,  as well as providing coaching and development with renowned teachers. Our goal is to join with similar organisations in other countries to bring more awareness of the benefits of yoga to the world's population.

To help gain recognition of yoga as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, allowing it an opportunity to place yoga on the world stage, as an Olympic event, viewed by millions of people worldwide.